Member Rebate Program

Are you considering buying or leasing a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle? Do you know of a friend or relative who is considering purchasing or leasing a new Mercedes-Benz? We have exciting news to share with you that you may have already read about in The Star® magazine or heard some MBCA members talking about.

Please see our 2021-01-14 update about this program.

Earlier this year the Mercedes-Benz Club of America partnered with Mercedes-Benz USA to introduce a new Member Rebate Program. All active primary members are eligible for exclusive savings, in some cases up to $6,500 on selected 2020 and a few 2019 models on the lease or purchase of new Mercedes- Benz vehicles. The rebate incentives are available only for active MBCA members. This new member benefit is available immediately upon joining the club. There is no waiting period required for members to take advantage of this new program. As long as the buyer is an active member when purchasing the car, they can participate in the MBCA rebate program.

The new Member Rebate program replaces the MBCA Loyalty Rewards program. The MBCA Loyalty Rewards program is no longer offered and has been replaced with the improved Member Rebate program. Members using the new and improved program can save a significant amount of money when buying or leasing a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Certificates generated under the old MBCA Loyalty Rewards program are no longer valid and are not combinable with the Member Rebate program. Members having these certificates will need to obtain a control number by calling (866) 628-7232 | Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm ET.

Current primary members can take instantaneous advantage of the Member Rebate program. If you’re exploring leasing or purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, be sure to mention the Mercedes-Benz Club of America program to your Mercedes-Benz dealer to see if the model you are considering qualifies for any savings. If it does, then you need to generate and present your control number to the dealer. The control number is specific to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

You can obtain a control number by signing into your member account ( and clicking on the Member Rebate artwork located on your member profile page. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the red Generate MBUSA Rebate Number button. Give this control number to your Mercedes-Benz dealer and you’re on your way to driving out of the dealer in a new Mercedes. The control number is valid for the current calendar year, expires on the last day of the year, and is only valid for the purchase or lease of one vehicle. After the control number expires, active primary members can create a new number for the following calendar years.

The Member Rebate incentives may change and update monthly. To view current savings, visit The rebate program incentive grid only highlights a few models, but more models are included within the program. MBUSA offers discounts on almost every model under this program. To find out if the car you are interested in purchasing is eligible, you should contact your dealer.

Please refer to the FAQ sheet if you have any questions about the program.